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084 - {Second Chance at Love} - Writing Queer Stories in the Past with Cat Sebastian

Last year we were lucky enough to get to sit down with Cat Sebastian, author of many LQBTQ novels, including Avon's first published MM historical romance. We spoke about her journey to being an author, what drew her to the genre and time period, and how she discovered queer romance as a reader and as an author. We also talked about how she gives voice to her very diverse cast of characters who challenge the status quo. We hope you enjoy this fabulous conversation with Cat Sebastian....because we most certainly did!

083 - What We've Been Reading

Ever wonder what your co-hosts do when they're not prepping for an episode? Turns out, they read more books. This week Tea & Strumpets is sharing with you all the books they've been reading so far in 2021. They've been exploring new authors and even just rereading some old favorites. It's a week of recommendations and short reviews for the enjoyment of your ears and to the detriment of an every growing TBR pile.

082 - Pennyroyal Green Series Wrap-up & Your Questions Answered!

From gallows to galleries to galleys, from spiders to sea monsters to Spain, we've read our way through the eleven books of the Pennyroyal Green Series by the amazing Julie Anne Long and today we're talking about the whole, absolutely fabulous experience. Plus we're answering listener questions annnnnd discussing what series we should read next! **The whole dang episode is full of spoilers!!**

081 - Pennyroyal 11 - The Legend of Lyon Redmond

After almost two years of waiting we finally come to our Pennyroyal Green conclusion. Olivia Eversea is at last ready to put the Redmond she should have never loved away for good. The trouble is as the wedding gets closer, the world appears to be conspiring against her. Lyon for his part has tried to forget the girl who broke his heart on a rainy night five years ago. And yet, upon learning of her impending nuptials, Lyon cannot seem to leave England’s shores as he planned. Can our star crossed lovers untangle their feelings and start anew or will the past be just too hard an obstacle to overcome? Thanks you Julie Anne Long for your amazing series and we cannot wait to read its final chapter in “The Legend of Lyon Redmond.” **It’s all SPOILERS for these long lost lovers**

080 - Rules of Scoundrels 1 - A Rogue by Any Other Name with Vanessa Zoltan!

What would you do if you lost every cent to your name over one hand of cards? Well, that's what our hero Bourne is dealing with - and he's chosen revenge. And when the chance to reclaim an elusive plot of his land is offered he goes all in, even though it comes with a bride attached! Lady Penelope Marbury isn't what Bourne remembers from their childhood, though. She's got an agenda that she's prepared to do anything to protect - even if she has to bluff her way through. But, if she plays her cards right, she may win her hero's heart. We're reading A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah Maclean - and to sweeten the pot, we're joined by the fabulous Vanessa Zoltan (Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Hot & Bothered) to break down everything that raises our eyebrows and pulls at our heartstrings. ***All bets are off when it comes to SPOILERS!***

079 - Bridgertons HEA: Romancing Mister Bridgerton - Second Epilogue

We're back with the next installment of our most-requested episodes! We return to the Bridgertons to check in with our favorite writing and flirting duo - Colin & Penelope. And what we get is a closure most-excellent for a scene we never got to see - between Penelope and Eloise!! The secret is out....so join us to discuss the reveal!

078 - Pennyroyal 10 - It Started with a Scandal

Elise Fountain has never met a challenge she could not rise to, and that includes being the housekeeper for a grumpy, convalescing Lord Lavay. Lavay is not used to being laid low, especially when time is running out to secure an influx of funds to buy back his childhood home. Through sheer determination and cheerful optimism, Elise slowly wins over the recalcitrant staff and also wins over the hardened heart of a very deserving Lord. Join us for It Started with a Scandal - the penultimate Pennyroyal Green novel by Julie Anne Long! **We cannot discuss scandals without SPOILERS**

077 - Wallflowers 3 - Devil In Winter

This week we’re talking about an absolute favorite in the genre! Evie Jenner needs to get married - and quickly. After failing to kidnap and marry one of her best friends, Evie knows that Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, is desperate enough to marry her straightaway. Neither planned that after a whirlwind wedding they would find that they just cannot seem to do without the other. While this was a reread, Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas just gets better and better. **We’re running away to Gretna Green with the SPOILERS**

076 - A Window into Gothic Romance with Rose Lerner

This week we were joined by fabulous author Rose Lerner to discuss the regency, revolution, and research, and most of all, her new Audible Exclusive and Gothic Regency, The Wife in the Attic!

075 - Bridgerton S1 E8 Recap - After the Rain with Tessa Dare and Jodi Picoult!

It’s our last episode so we had to have our biggest guests ever on the pod. Best-selling author, Regency Romance royalty, and Anthony Bridgerton super fan Tessa Dare is here and she’s brought a friend, #1 best-selling author Jodi Picoult. WHAT?! Once we got over the shock we could not wait to dish all about the season as a whole, how we actually got through an epilogue in the first season, and of course, what’s going to happen with ANTHONY! We also talk about books being adapted to film and what we think this show is going to do for historical romance in mainstream media. BUZZZZZ

074 - Bridgerton S1 E7 Recap - Oceans Apart with Mazey Eddings!

In our second to last episode on the series, we speak with friend of the podcast, bookstagramer and author Mazey Eddings. Mazey talks about her overall excitement over the show, our massive speculations on the future, and of course, how we cannot wait to see who is cast as Kate in the next season. **Note: This episode was recorded before the casting announcement for Kate was made, and if you want to know our reaction - AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OUR KATE IS AMAZING!!!!**

073 - Bridgerton S1 E6 Recap - Swish with Jenny Nordbak!

**TW: Consent and Sexual Assault** It’s time to get into it and discuss Bridgerton’s most controversial episode. While we dove deep into these themes during our full book review (Episode 6 of our podcast, coincidentally), we wanted to find someone who had more authority than we did to speak on consent. We were so lucky to get to speak with former dominatrix, Wicked Wallflowers podcast co-host, and Bridgerton virgin Jenny Nordbak. We talk about her thoughts on the series as a whole, how they could have done much better addressing consent, and if she’ll be watching next season.

072 - Bridgerton S1 E5 Recap - Diamond of the First Water with Mariana Fonseca!

For Episode 5, we knew we could not exclude the thoughts of Julia Quinn’s largest fan base - Brazil! So we spoke with the founder of the hugely followed Julia Quinn Brazil social media channels, Mariana Fonseca. We discuss what made her fall in love with Julia Quinn and why Julia is treated like a Beatle whenever she’s in Brazil. We also talk about her favorite Bridgerton book, if Netflix and Shonda Rhimes did Julia justice, and just what we think might happen in a second season.

071 - Bridgerton S1 E4 Recap - An Affair of Honor with Vanessa Riley!

We’re halfway through the series so it was high time to bring in a regency expert - historical fiction and regency romance author Vanessa Riley! We chat all about the cast diversity, why Queen Charlotte is a BA, and also fan easter eggs throughout the series.

070 - Bridgerton S1 E3 Recap - Art of the Swoon with Bianca Hernandez-Knight!

In this third episode we’re talking fashion with Jane Austen fan and historical costume hobbyist Bianca Hernandez-Knight. We discuss gatekeeping in the historical community, use of color stories in Bridgerton, and just how fierce Queen Charlotte’s wigs are. **Note: Stay tuned for the last 45 minutes of this episode for sample of the audiobook The Duke Heist by Erica Ridley!**

069 - Bridgerton S1 E2 Recap - Shock and Delight with Christy Carew!

In our second installment, we’re talking the music of Bridgerton (by Kris Bowers) with composer Christy Carew. Everyone has been exclaiming over the brilliant use of music in the show so we wanted to talk to an expert! We dove deep into all the themes, the development of the sound, and the parts we absolutely can’t get enough of. We also have her dish over her favorite Bridgerton and what she loved most about the series.

068 - Bridgerton S1 E1 Recap - Diamond of the First Water with Korrie Noelle!

This is our first of eight episodes all about the Netflix hit series Bridgerton! In this first chat we’re joined by insta-blogger and entrepreneur Korrie Noelle. We’re going to talk all about our first thoughts on the show, Korrie’s relationship to the books, and what she cannot wait to see in the future!

067 - Pennyroyal 9 - Between the Devil and Ian Eversea

Our first review of 2021 is bringing it back to where we started, Pennyroyal Green. This time we're learning more about the infamous Ian Eversea. His brother-in-law now has a ward, Miss Tansy Danforth, and everyone is telling Ian to stay away. At first he's happy to do so, as this beautiful young American really does not spark any interest. Yet when he finally gets to know her, a spark ignites and all attempts to extinguish it, only fan it into a full blown fire. Please enjoy the ninth installment of Julie Anne Long's Pennyroyal Green series, Between the Devil and Ian Eversea. **just can't fight the SPOILERS**

066 - 21+ Historical Romances in 2021 We Just Can't Wait For! (Part 2)

Well...so far 2021 is still wild but that’s okay! Grab your favorite cup of tea and be transported to the future of amazing books. This week we bring you part 2 of the books coming out this year we just cannot wait to read. 

065 - 21+ Historical Romances in 2021 We Just Can't Wait For! (Part 1)

Happy New Year! As someone recently said, "Wow. That was Crazy!" Finally that dumpster fire of a year is over and we can look forward to some great reads in the future. So while you watch the craziness abate, we hope you enjoy a little escape in all the amazing books coming out this year. Here is our list of 21 (plus a few extra) books we cannot wait to read in 2021, Part 1 (because there are just so many we could not fit them all into one episode)!

064 - How the Dukes Stole Christmas - Meet Me in Mayfair

The holidays are full of laughter and cheer, but for Louisa Ward this year is not the same. This will be the last Christmas in the Ward family home unless Louisa can marry before New Years'. Things take a turn for the worse when Louisa's only shot at finding a match does not go as planned, and she finds herself walking through Mayfair with the instigator of her family's demise, the Duke of Thorndale. Taking a gamble, Louisa tries to make Thorndale change his mind about his London tenants and along the way finds herself slowly falling for the man she thought she hates. This holiday season we're taking a moonlit walk through London with Tessa Dare's novella Meet Me in Mayfair. **This season we're giving the gift of SPOILERS**

063 - An Open Heart

With different views on how to live a Jewish life in Regency London, Esther Baumann is convinced she can never marry a man like Adam Halevy. He views everyone outside his faith with distrust and he criticizes her for not understanding tenets of the faith - even while she's never been allowed to learn Hebrew. However, all of that changes when Adam must go on a mission for crown and country which challenges his preconceived notions of people and what it means to be a good partner. In honor of Hanukah we are reading "An Open Heart" by Caroline Warfield. **Although there is not much Hanukkah and other SPOILERS**

062 - {Second Chance at Love} - Once Upon A Christmas Eve

~ This episode originally aired December 2019 ~ Join us this week for a relisten of last year's Christmas episode, because it's that special time of year where you spend time with loved ones...or with a family you happen to come across when your carriage breaks down in a snowstorm with Grandma inside! Even if you’re like our hero Adam and not that into Christmas, it’s hard not to find joy from an almost-kiss while hunting down holly for the Christmas Ball. Or better yet - from a bit of action under the stairs while everyone else is occupied with parlor games! Miss Sarah St. John is about to learn that the best-made plans don’t always come to be - sometimes you can try to push away any and all rakes and a snowstorm will just blow a silver-tongued charmer into your home! Elizabeth Hoyt’s Once Upon a Christmas Eve is a festive novella that seems just right for a bit of holiday reading by the fire. **Spoilers all the way!**

061 - Erotic Romance with Rosemary Willhide and Tamsen Parker

It's our final romance chat in this series, and we saved the steamiest for last! Join Zoë and Jessica as they learn what Erotic Romance actually is from authors Rosmary Willhide and Tamsen Parker. We dive deep into this steamy subgenre for a fantastic discussion of what it is, what it isn't, and why it's so great.

060 - Bridgertons HEA: An Offer from A Gentleman - Second Epilogue

We know that Benedict and Sophie are happy but what about Posy? The unsung (except we did sing!) hero of the third Bridgerton installment. Thankfully, Julia Quinn decided to ease our hearts and tells us all about what happened to our favorite adopted Bridgerton. **SPOILERS, we cannot believe you did not know**

059 - Getting Published in Romance with Avery Flynn and Stacey Agdern

We're back this week with our Romance Chats series in conjunction with the Escondido Public Library! And this time we're talking publishing. How *do* you get published in romance? For every person, the story is different, and today, there are lots of ways to become published. As the average romance reader is voracious, it makes sense that so many of us are inspired to try our hand at it! When you consume something that you love so so much, it’s easy to start imagining your own stories and how you’d do it. But, how do you take the first step? And what’s the step after that? So today we are going to be speaking with authors Avery Flynn and Stacey Agdern about their publishing journeys, all the bumps along the way, and tips they have for those starting out!

058 - Feed Drop! Too Stupid To Live with Tea & Strumpets: The Harvest Moon

Greetings ghosts and ghouls and welcome to the spookiest episode of the season! We suppose we must admit it's not *that* spooky, but we stand by it being the spookiest of our feed nonetheless. This week we're dropping in an episode of the fantastic fellow Frolic Podcast Too Stupid to Live when WE guested on it! Together, we review the fabulous MM paranormal-Regency novella by Joshua Ian. Join us for a pint-sized and kind-of-perfect tale of magic and mystery! **Spoopy Spoilers!**

057 - Paranormal Romance Zoe Forward and Mariah Ankenman

In our fourth chat in this series, Zoe and Jessica are talking with our authors about things that are out of this world! Well, not exactly, but we're talking all about paranormal romance! Commonly you’ll find romantic relationships between humans and vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, and other entities of a fantastic or otherworldly nature. And paranormal romances can also include books featuring characters with psychic abilities, like telekinesis or telepathy. While it’s roots harken back all the way to Gothic fiction, it’s most recent revival has been spurred by technology, and in fact, paranormal romances are one of the fastest-growing trends in the romance genre today. Come along with us as we learn all about this stellar subgenre from authors Zoe Forward and Mariah Ankenman!

056 - Bridgertons HEA: The Viscount Who Loved Me - Second Epilogue

Anthony and Kate are living their best lives, but once a year, the gloves come off and our happy couple will do anything to outsmart and out-play the other. Julia Quinn gives us another glimpse of our favorite lawn game Pall Mall, which has become a yearly tradition at Aubrey Hall, with all the original players of that infamous day. **It's a second Epilogue, the whole thing is SPOILERS**

055 - Getting Started in Romance with Allison Ashley and Yaffa Santos

In our third chat in this series, Zoe and Jessica sit down with debut authors Allison Ashley and Yaffa Santos to discuss their publishing journeys, tips they have for first-time authors, and common pitfalls to avoid. Every road to published is different, but these two are sharing their success stories and answering common questions that we all have about how it works. (Spoilers - it's never the same!)

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