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103 - A Lady for a Duke

Viola Carroll is finally living the life she wants, but when an old friend is in need she cannot turn away. The Duke of Gracewood has spent the last two years mourning the loss of his best friend when Viola comes to save him from himself. Sparks fly as these two old friends learn the truths about each other for the very first time. We're reading A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall and it is fantastic! **We live our lives with SPOILERS**

102 - The Wild Wynchesters 3 - The Perks of Loving a Wallflower

Tommy Wynchester may be a master of disguise but what she cannot disguise is her feelings for Philippa York. It's combounded by the fact that Philippa doesn't even know who Tommy is. Yet when a chance comes to help her crush right a few injustices of the world, Tommy jumps at the chance. Philippa has been forced into a life she hates by her parents, so being included in a Wynchester capper is a breath of fresh air. Plus the more she gets to know Tommy, the more she wants a life she cannot have. We are reading The Perks of Loving a Wallflower by Erica Ridley. **The SPOILERS are not in disguise!**

101 - Writing Stories that Reflect Your Own Experience with Adriana Herrera

One of the show's most anticipated novels of the year is finally about to be released. Your hosts have been not so patiently waiting to read A Caribbean Heiress in Paris, which meant we found a way to read it early and managed speak with the author herself, Adriana Herrera! Adriana has become well known for her contemporary romance novels but in her debut full-length historical, she has blown us away. We speak about the inspiration behind the novel and what it means to see yourself represented on the pages of your favorite books. There are also many tangents as we learn all about her research process, finding delicious historical tidbits, and talk at length about what fun it would have been to be in Paris during the late 1800's.

100.5 - Patreon Announcement!

We've started a Patreon! Listen in and learn all about it, or check it out at patreon.com/tnstrumpets Thank you for all your support!

100 - I Hate To Love You: Enemies to Lovers Regency Romances To Add To Your TBR

Holy wow! Triple digits! Thank you to everyone for supporting us thus far. In honor of making it to episode 100, we have put together a list of books featuring our favorite trope, Enemies to Lovers. Some of these are classics and others you may have never heard of, but we're sure you'll find something to add to your TBR.

099 - Bridgerton Season 2 Recap and Reactions!

Today's the day! We're finally sharing our thoughts on Bridgerton Season 2. Not only do we deep dive into our favorite (and not so favorite) moments, we also have reactions from our listeners! Whether you loved it or hated it, there is nothing we did not cover. **From start to finish this season is SPOILERS**

098 - Bow Street Runners 2 - Lady Sophia's Lover

Lady Sophia has her heart set on revenge against the man who set her brother to his death. However, that resolve will falter when she's faced with the noble and generous heart of Sir Ross Cannon. Take a stroll down Bow Street with Lady Sophia's Lover by Lisa Kleypas. **Crimes of SPOILERS**

097 - Maiden Lane 3 - Scandalous Desires

We are taking you back in time to our favorite Home for Unfortunate Children in London. Silence Hollingbrook once again finds herself face to face with "Charming" Mickey O'Connor. Unlike their last meeting, Mickey is not letting Silence out of his sight or out of his life. Can Silence actually find the man under the mask worth loving? Join us in the London criminal underworld as we read Scandalous Desires, Book 3 in Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane Series. **We are swapping River Pirate secrets for SPOILERS**

096 - 22 Historical Romances of 2022 We Just Can't Wait For!

Welcome to 2022! Well...we've been in 2022 for a couple months but who's counting? While we're a little late, we still thought we'd bring you a selection of book releases that we are most looking forward to this year. So if you haven't already, get your TBR list ready because there are sure to be a few additions after this.

095.5 - Update: Hello Stranger(s)!

We're back! We hope you've missed us and are ready to hear what we've been up to and what we're up to next!

095 - Brothers Sinister 2 - The Heiress Effect

Jane Fairfield has four hundred and eighty days more that she needs to remain unmarried - and her enormous dowry is a prize for any man. She has to devise a way to stave off even the most desperate suitor, and luckily she's found an act that seems to do the trick. Oliver Marshall knows what it's like to be the butt of a joke, and he hates to see anyone be trampled by the ton. He's been biding his time and building favors as he rises to power in Parliament. But one of Jane's rebuffed suitors has taken things personally, and he's willing to trade his vote on a very important bill for Oliver to absolutely humiliate Jane. Will Oliver become the villain in Jane's story or is he actually the villain in his own? **It's like being beaten to death by SPOILERS!!**

094 - Townsends 3.5 - Highland Haunting

Spooky Ooky season is here at last! We’re getting you in the mood with a pair of lovers who seem to be encountering a restless spirit. They need to trust and rely on each other to get to the other side of this mystery. Today’s Halloween novella is Highland Haunting by Lily Maxton. **You’re cursed to hear SPOILERS!**

093 - Maiden Lane 2 - Notorious Pleasures

Everything was going well for Lady Hero Batten until she finds herself attracted to her fiancé’s scandalous brother. Pretty soon they cannot keep their hands off each other. Griffin Reading knows he needs to stay away from Lady Hero but after one taste he cannot get enough. We’re heading down Maiden Lane with Elizabeth Hoyt’s second book in the series, Notorious Pleasures. **St. Giles is filled with gin and SPOILERS**

092 - Hell's Belles 1 - Bombshell

Sesily Talbot has lived her life in the spotlight as one of the ton's favorite troublemakers - and she likes it that way. She uses her reputation as cover for her missions with the Hell's Belles - a group of women with special skills that dole out retribution when the more conventional channels don't. Caleb Calhoun has secrets that are just a tiny tinder away from fully exploding and completely changing his world. He doesn't have time for distractions - and he can never let himself get too close to anyone else lest they get burned in his downfall. But for some reason, he can't resist Sesily's bold ways, even with an ocean separating them. Will sparks turn into fireworks? Or will their love combust all that they've tried to build? We're reading Bombshell by Sarah MacLean! **Tick tick BOOM! Spoilers!**

091 - From Royals to Rogues with Julie Anne Long

Two years ago, two intrepid ladies set out on a creative endeavor inspired by their shared love of regency romance. And today, we're delighted to share with you the discussion we had with the author that started it all: Julie Anne Long. From Pennyroyal Green to the Palace of Rogues, from drawing from the pool of creative energy to transforming emotion into art, we are endlessly inspired by the wit and wisdom that Julie shares with us on page and podcast!

090 - Bedwyn Saga 3 - Slightly Scandalous

Freyja Bedwyn is enjoying life as an unattached, privileged woman. She rides recklessly and she wields her social status expertly, setting down those who need it without sparing a second thought. A few chance meetings with Joshua Moore, Marquess Hallmere, give Frejya plenty fuel to the fire for his public humiliation, but her impulsiveness gets the better of her and she falls on her own sword while the Marquess emerges unscathed. But neither is undeterred, for their is nothing much to do in Bath, and they find trading barbs with the other to be a perfectly good way to spend their time. Soon, a begrudging admiration for the other forms between them as they both find the other a worthy adversary. And when a meddling Aunt enters the picture intent on marrying Joshua to his cousin, a fake betrothal seems like a very entertaining addition to Freyja's time in Bath. What was supposed to only last a handful of days turns into a tangled web as the two band together against many twists and turns. We're heading to Bath with the Bedwyns in Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balough! **Taking the waters is good for your heath but you may find them SPOILED!!!** The following content warnings apply to the book. We do not discuss them significantly in our synopsis but readers who would like to know should be informed: CW: Rape, incest, sexual abuse of a minor.

089 - Survivors 6 - A Duke a Dozen

Phineas Duncombe may be a duke, but as the fifth son, he was not raised to be one. When he meets Annabel, the Countess of Longstowe, he find that being a duke has it's advantages. It allows him to help this reluctant (and much older) widow in her search for the daughter that was cruelly taken and hidden from her eighteen years before. Along the way, these two battle demons of the past and present to find their way to happily ever after. Join us as we read A Duke a Dozen by Shana Galen, the sixth book in her Survivors series. **This carriage is always full of SPOILERS**

088 - Maiden Lane 1 - Wicked Intentions

Stumblers 2: Still Stumbling may be a real bar in West Virginia, but it's also would be an excellent alternate title for this episode, as your plucky hosts try to gain their footing navigating the discussion of a book they Both Don't Like. It's an auspicious beginning as we embark on our fourteen-book-series-journey together. Join us in the slums of St. Giles for an icy hero, a pious heroine, a murder mystery, and a masked vigilante. **Something spoiled this way comes...because we're full of spoilers as always!**

087 - Sibling Series of Regency Romance

There's something special about a family bond and that's what we're celebrating in today's list; amazing series in historical romance that focus on siblings! If you love Bridgerton then look no further for reading recommendations than this list, presented from us to your ears. *Apologies for some audio issues on Zoë's track in the second half of the episode - our special guest co-host presented her with a few challenges!

080 - Rules of Scoundrels 1 - A Rogue by Any Other Name with Vanessa Zoltan!

What would you do if you lost every cent to your name over one hand of cards? Well, that's what our hero Bourne is dealing with - and he's chosen revenge. And when the chance to reclaim an elusive plot of his land is offered he goes all in, even though it comes with a bride attached! Lady Penelope Marbury isn't what Bourne remembers from their childhood, though. She's got an agenda that she's prepared to do anything to protect - even if she has to bluff her way through. But, if she plays her cards right, she may win her hero's heart. We're reading A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah Maclean - and to sweeten the pot, we're joined by the fabulous Vanessa Zoltan (Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Hot & Bothered) to break down everything that raises our eyebrows and pulls at our heartstrings. ***All bets are off when it comes to SPOILERS!***

077 - Wallflowers 3 - Devil In Winter

This week we’re talking about an absolute favorite in the genre! Evie Jenner needs to get married - and quickly. After failing to kidnap and marry one of her best friends, Evie knows that Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent, is desperate enough to marry her straightaway. Neither planned that after a whirlwind wedding they would find that they just cannot seem to do without the other. While this was a reread, Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas just gets better and better. **We’re running away to Gretna Green with the SPOILERS**

076 - A Window into Gothic Romance with Rose Lerner

This week we were joined by fabulous author Rose Lerner to discuss the regency, revolution, and research, and most of all, her new Audible Exclusive and Gothic Regency, The Wife in the Attic!

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