024 - Spindle Cove 4.5 - Lord Dashwood Missed Out

This week we’re taking a trip to Spindle Cove! Except...oh no, the bridge is out and the carriage has broken, so I guess we’ll have to spend the night together in this roadside hut with ONLY ONE BED! It’s going to be a little tight in here because we actually have a very special guest for this episode too! Bookstagrammer and author extraordinaire Mazey Eddings (@romance.in.the.wild) is joining us to chat about Lord Dashwood and one of her (famously) favorite tropes - The Virgin Hero. It’s gonna be a trope-tactic time! **It's no secret there's Spoilers!**

Thank you again so much to Mazey Eddings for joining us on the podcast this week!
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