028 - Bridgertons 5 - To Sir Phillip, With Love

Eloise has a secret and she's on her way to meet him for the very first time. However, our quiet country gentleman is not prepared for the hurricane that is coming his way. Despite him neglecting to tell her of his "rambunctious" twins, the two begin to see that there may be something more between them. Can a relationship that started via correspondence between two strangers blossom into a love that neither expected? Well, with time, understanding, and a push from our favorite brothers, To Sir Phillip with Love by Julia Quinn, has both your co-hosts signing with longing. It may have been a reread, but as with many good things, it's gotten better with age.
TW: Suicide, depression, postpartum depression, child abuse.

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Many thanks to Mimi Matthews today, we cited her article A Cure for Melancholy: Victorian Medical Advice on Treating Depression for our history facts in this episode.

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