080 - Rules of Scoundrels 1 - A Rogue by Any Other Name with Vanessa Zoltan!

What would you do if you lost every cent to your name over one hand of cards? Well, that's what our hero Bourne is dealing with - and he's chosen revenge. And when the chance to reclaim an elusive plot of his land is offered he goes all in, even though it comes with a bride attached! Lady Penelope Marbury isn't what Bourne remembers from their childhood, though. She's got an agenda that she's prepared to do anything to protect - even if she has to bluff her way through. But, if she plays her cards right, she may win her hero's heart. We're reading A Rogue By Any Other Name by Sarah Maclean - and to sweeten the pot, we're joined by the fabulous Vanessa Zoltan (Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Hot & Bothered) to break down everything that raises our eyebrows and pulls at our heartstrings. ***All bets are off when it comes to SPOILERS!***

Thank you so much to Vanessa Zoltan for joining us today!
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Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:
0:00 - 04:23: Intro/History Facts
04:23 - 10:46: Synopsis
10:46 - 15:08: Parlour
15:08 - 01:11:27: General Discussion with Vanessa Zoltan
01:11:27 - 01:21:24: Outro

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