090 - Bedwyn Saga 3 - Slightly Scandalous

Freyja Bedwyn is enjoying life as an unattached, privileged woman. She rides recklessly and she wields her social status expertly, setting down those who need it without sparing a second thought. A few chance meetings with Joshua Moore, Marquess Hallmere, give Frejya plenty fuel to the fire for his public humiliation, but her impulsiveness gets the better of her and she falls on her own sword while the Marquess emerges unscathed. But neither is undeterred, for their is nothing much to do in Bath, and they find trading barbs with the other to be a perfectly good way to spend their time. Soon, a begrudging admiration for the other forms between them as they both find the other a worthy adversary. And when a meddling Aunt enters the picture intent on marrying Joshua to his cousin, a fake betrothal seems like a very entertaining addition to Freyja's time in Bath. What was supposed to only last a handful of days turns into a tangled web as the two band together against many twists and turns. We're heading to Bath with the Bedwyns in Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balough! **Taking the waters is good for your heath but you may find them SPOILED!!!** The following content warnings apply to the book. We do not discuss them significantly in our synopsis but readers who would like to know should be informed: CW: Rape, incest, sexual abuse of a minor.
Grab your copy of the book we read today, Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balough, here!

Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:
0:00 - 06:25: Intro/Author Facts
06:25 - 15:53: Synopsis
15:53 - 19:55: Parlour
19:55  - 58:02: General Book Discussion

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