094 - Townsends 3.5 - Highland Haunting

Spooky Ooky season is here at last! We’re getting you in the mood with a pair of lovers who seem to be encountering a restless spirit. They need to trust and rely on each other to get to the other side of this mystery. Today’s Halloween novella is Highland Haunting by Lily Maxton. **You’re cursed to hear SPOILERS!**
Grab your copy of the book we read today, Highland Haunting by Lily Maxton!

Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:
0:00 - 17:07: Intro/History Facts
17:07- 20:29: Synopsis
20:29 - 27:21: Parlour
27:21 - 49:26: General Discussion

This week we discussed Halloween in the Regency as our history fact. Thank you very much to our sources! Please visit them to find out even more!

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