105 - Maiden Lane 4 - Thief of Shadows

Winter Makepeace is going through the motions as manager of the Home and ghost of St. Giles at night. However, when Isabel Beckinhall tells him he must submit to social lessons or forfeit his place at the home, his world is turned upside down. Though he vowed to be celibate to focus on his mission has Ghost, he cannot seem to resist Isabel. How can he commit himself to another, when he's already committed to crimefighting in London's worst slum? **The Ghost cannot save you from SPOILERS**
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Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:
0:00 - 09:07: Intro/Author Facts/History Facts
09:07 - 25:38: Synopsis
25:38 - 27:14: Parlour
27:14 - 59:28: General Discussion

For more information on this week's history fact about clocked stockings, please visit our source.

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